We are proud to offer a CLIA waived laboratory at all of our locations. If an employer needs lab work done that requires an outside laboratory, the employees blood will be drawn on site at MED7 eliminating any need for the employee to travel elsewhere for lab work.


MED7 offers an Acoustic Booth environment for accurate hearing tests that comply with OSHA standards. The accuracy of any hearing test is largely dependant on the test environment. OSHA has defined maximum background noise level in the 1983 Hearing Conservation Amendment.

Octave Band
Center Frequency
Maximum Allowable
Sound Pressure Level
500 Hz - 40 db
1000 Hz - 40 db
2000 Hz - 47 db
4000 Hz - 57 db
8000 Hz - 62 db


The main way in which workers are exposed to chemicals in the workplace is through breathing substances into their lungs. Pulmonary (lung) function test (PFT’s) are tools used in the diagnosis of lung disease. The basic test of mechanical lung function can be done with a Spirometer. Under the law, employers are required to protect workers from overexposure to hazardous substances.